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CG Workday 教會工作日

In anticipation of full re-opening CG ministries, we are having a day to declutter, relocate furniture, and detailed cleaning of the CG campus on February 12, 2022.  Please sign up for as many slots as you can come to help.  There is always something for everyone to do.
Masks are REQUIRED at all times.
Please call the church office at (916) 422-4253 or email us at <office@ChineseGraceBibleChurch.org> if you have any questions.
為了預備教會的重新全面開放, 我們將在2022年2月12日進行清理,調整家具並仔細清潔。請註冊你可參與事奉的時段,將有任務分配給每一個人。 工作日必須帶口罩。 聯絡教會辦公室請致電 (916) 422-4253 或發送電子郵件至 <office@ChineseGraceBibleChurch.org>。


February 12, 2022

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