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31 Days of Prayer 31天禱告運動

Focus on Personal Prayers 為自己禱告

  • Confession & Renewal of our love for God 認罪,並重新感激神對我們的愛
  • Develop intimate relationship with God in His Word 勤讀聖經與神建立更密切的關係

Focus on Praying for Executive Board members 為長執禱告

  • Faithful to God’s Calling 忠心神的托付
  • Work in unity & humility as a body of Christ 彼此謙卑、同心建立基督的身體
  • Use their gifts with one goal: to glorify God alone 䝉聖靈帶領,善用, 榮神益人

Week One: Adoration/God’s Attributes Week Two: Confession/Repentance 第一週:敬拜/神的屬性
Week Two: Confession/Repentance 第二週:認罪/悔改
Week Three: Thanksgiving for what God has done 第三週:感謝神的作為
Week Four: Supplication – Pray that the EB will: trust the Lord for His Pastors at CG, love one another, defer to one another, and truly shepherd His flock.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.
Be not wise in your own eyes; fear the Lord, and turn away from evil.
Proverbs 3:5-7

箴言 3:5-7「你要專心仰賴耶和華,不可倚靠自己的聰明,在你一切所行的事上都要認定祂,祂必指引你的路。不要自以為有智慧;要敬畏耶和華,遠離惡事。」

Why 31 days of prayer? 為什麼要有31天的禱告運動?

  • Renew our relationship with God 更新我們與神的關係
    • See God for who He really is 認識神的本相
    • Worship Him in light of His majesty 因祂的威嚴敬拜祂
    • Remember that first love, go back to Him (See Rev. 3:16)
      重拾起初的愛心回到主面前(參見 啟3:16)
  • Confession of Sin and Repentance (Both personal and church) 認罪悔改(個人的和教會的)
    • Will you truly surrender all to Him? Confess and Repent 你是否完全降服於祂?認罪並悔改
    • Let go of what we hold dear to ourselves 放下自己以為寶貴東西
    • Learn to Trust in our Living God (His way, not my way)
    • Trust that He is good 相信祂的美善
  • Praise Him for all the good He has done for us individually and corporately

    • Remember from where you came before Christ & know where you will go

      • Why would He love a filthy dirty sinner like me? 為什麼神會愛像我這樣骯髒罪人?
      • How has He blessed you 神已經怎樣賜福予你?
    • Remember how good He has been to CG 回想神如何善待CG
    • Remember we can trust in His goodness 確知我們可以信靠祂的美善
  • THEN, we can ask him for His wisdom in guiding CG 然後,我們可以尋求祂的智慧來帶領CG
    • Love God with our whole heart, mind and soul 盡心、盡性、盡意愛神
      • What am I withholding from God thinking I can handle it?
    • Love our neighbor 愛鄰舍
      • Why do I not consider the other language groups my neighbor?
    • To see CG as a whole church, not just my language group

      • Am I thinking for my congregation and not the whole church?
    • To see His big picture, beyond my little window 看到神的大藍圖,而非我的小窗景
    • To live missional lives for His glory 以傳揚神的榮耀為生活目標
      • Am I living selfishly for my pleasure? 我是否為自己活?

How long shall I prayer? 要禱告多久?
Unceasingly 每時每刻



March 1, 2018


March 31, 2018

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