Church Camp 2017

Church camp is an awesome, special opportunity to meet and fellowship with new people and families from all three congregations in a casual and fun setting. There are tons of activities for all ages to partake in, such as hiking, bouncy house, sports, rock climbing, arts and crafts, eating, worship, hearing the Word, and more! We can leave a lasting legacy of unity in Christ through intentional love toward one another, especially those of ages and backgrounds different from our own. Please join us at camp this year!

WHERE: Simpson University  

WHEN: 5/27 - 5/29/17      

THEME: :Leaving a Lasting Legacy   

SPEAKERS:  Pastor John Leung (Cantonese)

               Pastor Tranwei Yu (English)
                 Pastor James Hwang (Mandarin)

Watch PROMO video here

First timers receive a $25 discount.
Families with 3 or more children (under the age of 17) can register third child and onward, free! 

Registration Coordinators:
Cantonese: Chun Mak
English: Jonathan Ginn
Mandarin: Lawrence Yen 

Fill out the form and turn in to one of the coordinators.
Registration Form (English)
Registration Form (Chinese)
Simpson University Map


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Gracious Words

Gracious Words Magazine is glad to announce the launch of the first issue of 2017, where you will find many touching stories and testimonies from brothers and sisters.

Wednesday Prayer Meetings 

7:00pm - 8:30pm


  First Wednesdays: Mission Share - (with translation) for 30 minutes and then small group language based prayers.

    Second Wednesdays: Shepherd Share - Pastors will lead and model prayer. 

       Third Wednesdays: Church Community - Outreaches and Intercessions for our church community.

 Fourth Wednesdays: Equip and Nurture - Pray in particular for teachers, sponsors, interns and youths.

We ask for His kingdom to come and we pray in unity.
We pray in small groups. We pray in our language groups.
We make these alignments for the church to go forward.
We hope that more brothers and sisters can join and seek the coming and the glory of God’s Kingdom.
We seek renewal with pure hearts.
We desire to serve our God, the Alpha and Omega
(Ps 2:7; Mt 6:33-34; IPe1:8; Is 64:12).