Church Camp - May 25th - 27th

One Family Under God

Simpson University, Redding, CA.

About Church Camp

Every year we have people asked the question, “Why do I want to go to the church camp?” The answer will depend what you ask of yourself. Most people ask, “What do I gain or what can look for if I go to the church camp?” If this the question you ask, there will be many reasons to dissuade you from going. But if God says to you, “I am going to speak to you,” then you would certainly go and I know He will if you are seriously seeking to hear from Him.

Church camp is an annual retreat away from life’s day-to-day routine to connect with God and with one another in a different setting. It is an opportunity to gain a fresh perspective through focused preaching of God’s Word. The weekend away allows attendees to deepen their relationship with God and with one another. Going to church camp is not just to hear from God; but it is also about being “One Family under God” as this is the theme of our church in 2019. The speakers will be teaching us how to be such a church. We have speakers who are familiar to us too. We have Ben Ito, our English speaker, Pastor Seahawk, our Cantonese speaker and Rev. Dr. James Hwang, our Mandarin speaker. All these servants of God will be used by Him to speak to us.

We are looking forward to interact with you as “One Family Under God” at this year’s church camp again.

每年人們都會問, 「為什麼我會想去教會退修會?」 答案視乎你怎樣問自己。 大部分人會問:「 我去教會退修會 可以得到什麼?」 若你這樣問,你會有很多理由讓你卻步。 但若神對你說 : 「我要對你說話。」 你必定會去。 我深信,若你認真尋求神的說話, 祂必會對你說話。


參加退修會 ,不單只是去聽神的話語, 而且是經歷 「上帝之下、 主內一家」 。 這是我們今年教會的主題。講員將會教導我們如何作一間教會。 當中有講員是十分熟悉我們的。 我們有英語講員 Pastor Ben Ito, 倫思學牧師 (粵語講員) 及 黄嘉生牧師 (國語講員) 。 神將會使用這三位他的僕人去對我們說話。 我們盼望一起在今年的退修會中經歷「 上帝之下、主內一家」 。


Pastor Ben Ito

English Speaker

Ben Ito came to know Jesus Christ on May 26, 1997, at CGBC’s Family Camp at Simpson College in Redding, CA. He is currently on staff at City Bible Church in Sacramento (, While continuing to be equipped at Cornerstone after having spent 19 years in “ministry” in the workforce. Seminary in Vallejo (, his rest includes shooting a basketball, reading, and drinking coffee. He is married to Carolyn for 13 years, and they live in Elk Grove with their four children.

Pastor Seahawk Lun

Cantonese Speaker

倫牧師全心致力教導釋經講道, 在北美及亞洲等地區主領講道和應用聖經的課程和研討會等。現為美國聖言講道研經學院和香港幾間神學院的講道特約講師。當他任職香港恩福聖經學院時,他是第一任的院牧和講道教授。
他是哥頓康爾神學院講道教牧學博士,達拉斯神學院神學碩士,䁱士頓大學機械工程學士。著有《活出主的道的藝術》,《活「道」聖言》 (合著)等。

Rev. Dr. James Hwang 黄嘉生牧師

Mandarin Speaker