Today we live in a very complex and challenging world with its varying standards of behavior, often pulling us in different directions. But our Bible-based teaching is aimed at providing the foundation for eternity-based solutions and life direction amidst this complexity.

We, the pastoral staff, believe in equipping our church members to meet these challenges by knowing, sharing, loving and practicing God’s Word.

Thus, we stand firmly on these convictions:

The God of the Bible is Our Lord and Master.
He is the supreme Lord and Master over all authorities and we belong to Him. We have been bought with a high price and we honor Him with our service and love.

The Church of Jesus Christ is One of Life and Transformation.
As we surrender our rights to Christ and seek His presence in our lives, the power of the Holy Spirit transforms us to be more Christ-like.

The Vision and Ministry of CGBC is to Proclaim Him and the Cross through Discipleship.
Though our church members are of different demographics, our vision– and its resulting ministry– is to develop and equip future disciple-leaders “who passionately replicate the character, ministry, and mission of Jesus Christ” to impact the world by:

• sharing the Gospel
• strengthening , encouraging and mentoring one another
• knowing His Word intimately

He is the one we proclaim, admonishing and teaching everyone with all wisdom, so that we may present everyone fully mature in Christ. Colossians 1:28

Pastor Adrian Lim

Pastor Adrian Lim

Fellowship Pastor

I was born and raised in Singapore and met my wife, Joyce a Malaysian while serving together on a mission trip in North Thailand. Together, God has called us from our ministry in Singapore to North America, both in Canada and the States working in the Chinese Church since 1996. God has given us three wonderful children, Deborah (21), Desiree (16) and Dillon (14).

One of the verses God gave to me when He called me was from the Book of Ezra, Ezra 7:10 which has become a pattern for my life and ministry. It is the Old Testament equivalent for making disciples which God has infused in my heart a passion to be more focus in making disciples. My passion is to see men and women of God being grounded in the truth, and living it out in a loving manner so as to bear witness for the Lord, and to bring others to know Him and follow Him as we follow Him.


Pastor Glenn Pon

Equipping Pastor

Hello! Good to be back to my hometown where in my youth years, I embraced the life changing gospel message. In college, I not only received my degree in Human Resource Management, but also learned about the importance of discipleship by being mentored and mentoring others. Upon graduation, I sensed the Lord’s leading to pursue sports ministry on the college campuses such as San Jose State University (Go Spartans!) and UCLA(8-clap!), as well as on mission overseas. While interning at CG, I met my future wife, Julie. Together now, we have two children, Caitlin and Tyler. For those interested, I graduated from Talbot Seminary (M.Div) and Dallas Theological Seminary (D.Min). If you want to shoot hoops, talk about baseball, or grab some coffee and chat about making an eternal difference in the lives of others, let me know. Thanks!